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    you know something's not right !


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    that you love?


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  • Hello Soulful Woman & Welcome to

    Nourished Whole Body Wellness!



    Are you a soulful, intelligent, high-achieving woman

    who is done accepting your exhaustion

    & chronic autoimmune health challenges

    as your fate - maybe you've heard these statements:


    "it's all in your head..."


    "you just have to accept your heredity..."


    "there's nothing you can do..."









    Mental Clarity


    Vibrant zest for life


    Ease in your body



    If you know you have an autoimmune disease (or suspect you may) &

    are unsure where to start to make real changes in your life,

    so that you can enjoy being your energetic self again,


    you're in the right place!



    My name is Dawn Urquhart,

    I am a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Wayfinder Life Coach* &

    MindBody Wellness Mentor

    & have been working in holistic health & teaching successful women

    how to lead a grounded, healthy life since 2015.

  • Nourished Whole Body Wellness

    mind, body, spirit & heart

    Are you ready to align

    with your Body Wisdom

    for Whole Body Wellness






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    Do you know you need to change something in your life &

    aren't sure where to start?






    Autoimmune Symptom Checklist



    Do you desire support in a community of like minded women, where you can share your celebrations & struggles?






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  • About Me


    Dawn Urquhart

    is Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, MindBody Mentor & Wayfinder Life Coach*. She guides Ambitious, Soulful women to have healthier, happier, energetic lives using simple tools she shares in her personalized coaching programs. She believes you can create healthy energy & a vibrant life by making simple shifts in your daily habits & relationships right now.


    Drawing inspiration from ancient healing wisdom traditions & functional nutrition Dawn brings you an integrative perspective so that you can transform your whole being body, mind, spirit & heart.


    (*Wayfinder Coaching certification completion,

    Martha Beck Institute, July 2020)



  • *** Master Class Video
    LEARN the 7 Pillars Women
    Need to know
    to move from Burned Out to
    Energized & Body Wisdom Empowered!
    In this masterclass you will learn:


    * How to DISCOVER the unique ROOT CAUSES of YOUR autoimmune challenges from a Functional Nutrition Perspective

    so can FINALLY feel better!


    * How to make REAL CHANGES in your mindset & your habits, which can be the missing key to regaining your health,

    even if you have tried other things before & nothing has worked.


    *And we are going to talk about how you REALLY CAN make a massive impact in the quality of your health by changing your relationship to yourself & reconnecting with your BODY WISDOM.


    * Nutrition insights from Functional & Ancestral Nutrition perspective.


    * And more ...!!!