• Hi Soulful Woman!

    I'm Dawn Urquhart.


    Through my own health journey and helping other women on theirs, it has become my mission

    to guide ambitious soulful women leaders overcome BURNOUT and transform from

    disconnection, dis-ease, and deflated to feeling energized, vibrant and free to create a life that you truly love!


    I help you reconnect to your to

    Mind Body Wisdom so that you can be present in your life, better serve the ones you love and create a life that you are passionate about.


    Selfless Syndrome is reaching epidemic proportions in our society as women put their families, careers, community, and commitments before themselves and as a result are developing health problems that have a long term devastating impact.


    Today 12 million people in North America are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease - 1 out of 12 are women​ which is 4 times higher than men, and a preventable condition.


    The impact of autoimmunity on a woman's life, and her loved ones, can be devastating - 10 times more likely to develop another autoimmune condition, limiting her ability to work, contribute to her life, family and community.

  • Mission

    It is my mission to educate, empower & guide

    women to understand & reconnect to their bodies so

    that their autoimmune challenges aren't overwhelming

    & so that they can be advocates

    and activists of their own health - naturally!